Update to MLMB Greasemonkey Script

Update:  I’ve set up a permanent page for this script, go there for the latest version.

This is an update to the Media Lens Message Board Greasemonkey script that I first released last week.

It still has buttons to collapse/expand threads, but now also has:

  • A new button to ‘star’  a thread you’re interested in, or ignore a thread you’re not.
  • Automatic highlighting of threads you’ve contributed to.
  • A filter option to hide ignored threads, only show ‘starred’ threads, or only show threads you’ve contributed to.

ML Message Board with Greasemonkey script v2

Upgrading the script

If you already have the script installed, just visit the script page on userscripts.org and click on the green ‘Install’ button on the right.  Depending on your Greasemonkey settings you may already have been prompted to update, or have been updated automatically.

Installing the script from scratch

See previous post for installation instructions using Firefox.  The script also appears to work ok in Seamonkey using the Scriptify add-on, and in Google Chrome using the Tampermonkey add-on.

Using the new features

  • There is now a little white button next to each thread.  Click it to ‘star’ the thread and mark it as a favourite.  Click again to mark it with an ‘i’ for ‘ignored’.  Click once more and it will go back to a default unmarked thread.
  • As well as the button, the threads will be styled differently when they’re starred/ignored.  This should hopefully make it easy to scan down them.
  • Threads you’ve contributed to will be automatically highlighted in red.  You’ll need to be logged into the board for this to work.
  • Next to the Collapse All and Expand All buttons is the filter drop-down.  Just select e.g. “Only Starred *” from the list and the threads will be filtered accordingly.  Note, the script is still bound by the ‘pages’ on the board, i.e. if you’re on page 1, changing the filter to show only starred threads will just show the starred threads on page 1.  You’ll need to click the link for page 2 to see starred threads on there.

A few notes:

  • As before, the script remembers which threads you’ve collapsed by storing the info in Firefox.  In other words it’s not connected to your MLMB account, and so collapsed threads won’t be remembered on another computer.
  • I’ve upped the storage limit so all threads still on the board will have their settings remembered – about 1 months worth, if anyone ever looks back that far!
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