MLMB add-on v4

I’ve added some more features to the Media Lens Message Board Greasemonkey add-on script.  See the main add-on page for full info and installation details.

New features:

  • Read messages are automatically collapsed when viewing the full thread.  Due to the way the board works, this only happens with messages that have been read on the full thread page, not ones read individually.
  • On the index page, the message count is highlighted when all messages have been read.
  • Also on the index page, a collapsed thread now shows the ‘View thread’ link, so you don’t have to expand the thread to find it.

I’ve found that together these changes make it quicker to keep an eye on threads of interest and get quickly to new posts within them.

The new features can be turned on or off in the options box, so if you don’t use a feature turn it off to speed things up.

Screenshot of the full thread page:

Full thread view showing collapsed posts.

This is probably as far as I’ll take this add-on, as I need to get back to real life 🙂  Any problems with it though, please do get in touch.

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