Iranian citizen of the day #1

According to U.S. officials, Iran isn’t trying to build a nuclear weapon.  Even if Iran did have a nuclear weapon, the government wouldn’t actually use it, as the retaliation would destroy their country.  That’s kind of obvious really.

And yet, the Iranian people are suffering under sanctions.  I live in the UK, and my government wants to increase sanctions on Iran and cause “more pain on the streets”.  Maybe the government of your country wants to do the same.  Maybe our governments will launch a military attack on Iran in the future.

I’ve never been to Iran, but I hear there are 75 million people living there.  Personally, I don’t think it’s very nice to make people suffer, and I’m worried about them.  So I thought I’d search out some photos on the internet and feature them here, as a reminder that real people suffer when our governments do their “more pain on the streets” thing.

Here’s the first:

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